Support Our Self (SOS) Care by Deb Roberts celebrates self-care
and aims to normalise discussions about mental health and
well-being with young adults and in school communities

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The SOS-Care Program 

The SOS-Care program is created to support teachers and their school community.

Over 6 - 10 weeks* participants are guided through a tailored program that offers evidence-based tips and tools to navigate common stresses and emotional challenges. Through group and coursework, participants are guided to share experiences and report back on learned techniques so as to better support themselves and their community.

SOS-care is currently being piloted in Melbourne primary and secondary schools, providing professional development to teachers and children in the area of self-care and wellbeing.

*Course length can be tailored to suit a school's calendar


The many Faces of STRess

Looks can be deceiving, throughout SOS-Care we discusses the many faces of stress, including somatic stress and mind stress and ways to manage yourself in each state with some simple tips and tools.

values & beliefs

What do you love? What are you thankful for? Knowing what matters to you and setting goals to support your ambitions can assist and navigate uncertainty. In SOS-Care we discuss how values and beliefs can assist individuals to honour their 'true-north' and assist in setting goals which provide direction and comfort.

talking about respect

What does respect mean to you? When do you know you are respecting self and others? When do you feel respected? SOS-care provides opportunities to build self-esteem and ways to support your future self.

resilience & dealing with failure 

Failing to reach a goal can bring up feelings of frustration and doubt. How do you recover and 'get over it'. SOS-Care provides case studies and tactics to move through disappointment and create a mindset than will assist you to see failure as a preparation for future success.

March 2018

"Deb Roberts is an insightful, skilled and compassionate teacher. In her course my staff were guided through a series of self-care lectures. Each providing them with techniques to support them in times of stress so they are better enabled to support others in their care. The course facilitated open and honest group discussions which I believe has strengthened our team. I would recommend Deb Robert’s SOS-Care program to any principal looking to support his or her staff navigate the pressures of our modern lives.”

Anny Lawrence, Principal Brighton Primary

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About Deb Roberts

Hello, I'm Deb Roberts, a passionate advocate for public health and personal wellbeing. I grew up in Kansas and went to University of Texas, in Austin and travelled to Australia for wider experiences and graduate studies. I completed a PhD in Public Health at The University of Melbourne in 1999.

During my studies, I met my now husband and today we live in bayside Melbourne with our three boys – striving to support each other in our busy, enjoyable and sometimes stressful lives.


Emergency Tool Kit

We all need tips and tools to help us through the tough times, whether it be illness, exams or a relationship breakdown.

*if you NEED IMMEDIATE HELP PLEASE CALL 13 11 14  www.lifeline.org.au

TIPS FOR being your best

  • be yourself, don't compare yourself to others
  • don't fool yourself into thinking you are more or less than others
  • acknowledge what truly makes you happy
  • eat and sleep right for you

tips for study focus

  • study in pleasant, uncluttered surrounds
  • take regular breaks and move your body
  • set goals
  • celebrate wins
  • find a coach or study partner who helps you achieve

tips for panic attacks

  • remember it will pass
  • know many people experience them
  • try controlled breathing by counting your breathe out (1-2-3-4) and in (1-2-3)
  • get out into nature, take your shoes off, sit under an old tree, smell a flower